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FIle bugs here for any of my AUR packages.

(NOTE: This is *not* for the scripts at _bin directory! Please use "AUR_pkg Scripts" for that!)

IDProjectCategoryTask TypeSeveritySummaryStatusProgress
47AUR PackageBackend / CoreFeature RequestLownmtree: add !makeflagsUnconfirmed
Task Description Hi, could you add options=('!makeflags') to nmtree? I'm building on a shared server, where MAKEFLAGS="-j24 -l24" is used. As bmake does not support -l, the build fails.
45AUR PackageBackend / CoreBug ReportLow[Zandronum] No .desktop fileResearching
Task Description

Hey, there's no desktop file in /usr/share/applications for Zandronum, launching from the terminal is kinda a pain in the ass.

16AUR PackageBackend / CoreBug ReportCritical[phrasendrescher] failure to build with OpenSSL 1.1.0Researching
Task Description

AUR package phrasendrescher fails to build when OpenSSL 1.1.0 is installed because SSL_library_init() was replaced with OPENSSL_init_ssl(). See for a potential fix.

2AUR PackageBackend / CoreBug ReportLow[freeswitch-lite] trim downNew
Task Description

work with co-maintainers to trim-down to a more lightweight build, do some ARM detection, etc.

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