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77AUR PackageBackend / CoreBug ReportLow[mondo] Fail to build; Multiple symbol definitionsUnconfirmed
Task Description I recently (yesterday 08/14/2020) updated my system (pacman -Syu). After which I updated all my AUR packages. When I got to mondo-3.3 I got compile errors about multiple symbol definitions. /usr/bin/ld: ../../src/common/libmondo.a(libmondo-tools.o):(.bss+0x210): multiple definition of `g_mondo_home'; mondorestore.o:(.bss+0x0): first defined here Both source files contained 'char *g_mondo_home' definitions. I resolved it by changing the definition in mondorestore.c to 'extern char *g_mondo_home' This allowed the process to run a bit further but more duplicates popped up. After a little wack-a-mole I got a complete compile with the following changes src/mondorestore/mondorestore.c < char *g_mondo_home; -- > extern char * g_mondo_home; test/test-mountlist.c < char *g_mondo_home; -- > extern char * g_mondo_home; < char *g_getfacl; -- > extern char * g_getfacl; < char *g_getfattr; -- > extern char * g_getfattr; test/test-test-truncname.c < char *g_mondo_home; -- > extern char * g_mondo_home; I then decided maybe a better way to fix it was to use the ld option -z muldefs, to just allow the multiple definitions. I was able to get it to compile appending ,-z,muldefs to the LDFLAGS assignments to to Makefile's src/mondo-3.3.0/src/mondorestore/Makefile src/mondo-3.3.0/test/Makefile I have not actually run a backup with this yet.
16AUR PackageBackend / CoreBug ReportCritical[phrasendrescher] failure to build with OpenSSL 1.1.0Researching
Task Description

AUR package phrasendrescher fails to build when OpenSSL 1.1.0 is installed because SSL_library_init() was replaced with OPENSSL_init_ssl(). See for a potential fix.

2AUR PackageBackend / CoreBug ReportLow[freeswitch-lite] trim downNew
Task Description

work with co-maintainers to trim-down to a more lightweight build, do some ARM detection, etc.

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