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 38 BDiskCoreBug ReportLow Add [system] section in bdisk.ini Closed
Task Description Add a [system] section to build.ini for base system configuration
 41 BDiskCoreFeature RequestLow Feature Request/Design Element: Move to profile based c ...Closed
Task Description As current, bdisk is configured to expect one build configuration per system. This is terrible for both workflow and for sharing your configurations.

Suggestion is to move to an instanced profile based solution.


move /var/lib/bdisk to /usr/share/bdisk/defaultprofile

move /etc/bdisk/build.ini to /usr/share/bdisk/defaultprofile

each profile is and instance of this template, with build.ini in the root. default libs are in the same dir as build.ini

This allows for many profiles, and profiles to be shared and worked on on git.

When bdisk becomes multi-staged. There should be an option for bdisk --init-profile [directory] which creates a new project profile at specified directory, $PWD if blank

40BDiskCoreFeature RequestLowFeature Request: add ISO overlayAssigned
Task Description

I have a feature request, add an overlay for the iso file system. Needed to support memtest86+, intel microcode and other boot time options.

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