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14AIF-NGClient/AgentBug ReportMediumchange to os.path.join() where relevantUnconfirmed
Task Description

found error while running aif

  File "/usr/lib/python3.6/", line 257, in copy2


  File "/usr/lib/python3.6/", line 104, in copyfile

    raise SameFileError("{!r} and {!r} are the same file".format(src, dist))

shutil.SameFileError: '/mnt/boot/vmlinuz-linux' and '/mnt/boot/vmlinuz-llinux'


NOTE: this ticket has been requested to be closed:

"Reason for request: Problem was cause of trailing slash, can be fixed by removing it. removing trailing slash needs to be added in source code for AIF-NG to make it more rebust "

AIF should be modified to use os.path.join() wherever possible.

11AIF-NGClient/AgentFeature RequestLowneeds de-lintingAssigned
Task Description

per Foxboron in #archlinux today around 1704EST5EDT, should be more PEP8 compliant. should be a simple fix; just try chucking through autopep8 first and then see if ERIC IDE complains further (it does some additional syntax checking beyond PEP8).

10AIF-NGClient/AgentFeature is too monolithicNew
Task Description

#archlinux on 06.21.2017 (times in EST5EDT):

17:04:21 < Foxboron> r00t^2: It's unmaintable inn the current state :p 200 lines methods needs to be gone. Follow PEP8
17:05:29 < r00t^2> Foxboron: hrm. yeah, i can separate it out into something more modular for the client, but my reasoning for keeping it in a single script was mainly to aid releng


so split large methods into smaller ones, and use more wrapper funcs.

7BDiskCoreBug ReportMediumensure deps are correctAssigned
Task Description

i think i need to re-examine some of my imports. namely, e.g. don't import gpgme if gpg's disabled in the config, etc.

5BDiskCoreBug ReportLowcross-distro, freebsd supportNew
Task Description

the majority (with the exception of centos not having libisoburn?) of other distros should work just fine assuming all the prereqs are installed.

however, it'd be useful to see if we could get freebsd native support- or at least test it. i doubt it'd work because of the chroot pivoting in, but it'd be interesting to see.

3AUR_pkg ScriptsBackend / CoreFeature RequestLowChange date formating in readmeAssigned
Task Description

Change the date formating in the README file to conform with ISO 8601

2AUR PackageBackend / CoreBug ReportLow[freeswitch-lite] trim downNew
Task Description

work with co-maintainers to trim-down to a more lightweight build, do some ARM detection, etc.

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